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Commitment to sustainability

Our mission is to contribute to the sustainable growth of the food service sector!

The largest event in the out-of-home food sector in Latin America welcomed professionals from all over Brazil and collected more than 3 tons of food for the Quebrada Alimentada project in the 2023 edition.

In addition, there are more than 40 sustainability initiatives that are making a difference in the lives of thousands of people. We are contributing to the development of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Discover our actions and also participate:

Quebrada Alimentada

We encourage the collection of food for the Quebrada Alimentada project throughout the year. During the face-to-face event, all food coming from the solidarity ticket will also be donated. The project was developed by the Mocotó Restaurant, which distributes food baskets to 400 low-income families in the north of São Paulo.

Market Development Services

Content programming to help micro and small entrepreneurs grow their businesses with the help of key industry partners. 

Hydration points at the event

Support: Europe water purifiers. Thinking about the well-being and health of visitors and exhibitors, we provide hydration points around the fair. Make a difference in the world, hydrate with awareness.

Healthy eating

We encourage healthy eating by providing a food court with a variety of options and points with a choice of vegan and vegetarian food during the event.

Fruta Imperfeita

We support the Fruta Imperfeita project, which fights food waste by promoting conscious consumption.

Serenidade do Toque – massage by the blind

During the face-to-face event, we provided a space for the company Serenidade do Toque, a company that offers massages by the blind, an action that has a social impact through employability and income

Café solar

Café Solar exists to rescue and reintegrate homeless people into society. To participate in Fispal, they will give, in return, 200 packages of 500g of ground specialty coffee, which will be donated to the Quebrada Alimentada project.

Actions for sustainable consumption and production

> At the end of the event, we have a place to collect the plastic bags that will be sanitized and reused in the next event. ​

> We reused the signage materials of the pavilion.​

> We recycled the tarpaulins used at the fair and donated them to the NGO Safrater (Sociedade de Amparo Fraterno Casa do Caminho) for social actions.

> We have reduced the number of PVC badges with the new digital badge template for A4 printing.

> Printed materials are made with FSC certified paper.​

> About 80% of Fispal's carpets are recycled.

> We strongly recommend the use of LED lighting in stands to reduce energy consumption.

> The exhibitor Service, Accreditation and VIP Club areas are built with modular structures and carpets that are reused.​

> Air conditioning: we manage ON/OFF according to the external temperature.​

> Encouraging exhibitors to use modular booths that can be reused,  thus promoting the recycling of booth construction materials.

> Reduction of stand height from 5 meters to 4.5 meters and no longer allowed to have mezzanine.​

> Selective collection of organic and recyclable materials through signposted bins.​

Prêmio Estande Sustentável

An initiative aimed at encouraging Fispal Food Service and Fispal Sorvetes exhibitors to opt for more sustainable solutions and projects at their stands, with the aim of significantly reducing the amount of waste generated after the event